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eLibrary Creator 2014

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With "eLibrary Creator" you can publish eLibraries without having any special knowledge or skills. Publish single file eLibrary(*.ero) with your collection of content files like ebooks, music, videos for distribute or sale with high security like RRK Security System and End User Activation System for Anti Piracy.

Published eLibrary runs with eLibrary Reader Software(Freeware)!

Besides main functions an eLibrary published by you will have additional features such as printing, searching, inbuilt readers, inbuilt notepad, simple interface and much more.

Key Features

·Wizard for step by step development

·Batch Importing import group of files in one go!

·Publishing with encrypted to licensing per PC for Anti Piracy!

·Inbuilt eBook Viewer (.pdf, .chm, .djvu, .mobi, .xps, .cbz and .cbr) - No need to install ebook readers like Adobe Reader.

·Inbuilt Player - Audio (.mp3, .wma, .wav and .mid) Video (.avi, .mpg and .wmv) Flash (.swf) files.

·Propagandize by social networks (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter) with ease.

·Fully customizable appearance of the eLibrary(*.ero).

·Locking some or more files for unlock to buy or unlock on schedule.

·Max eLibrary size 1 TB and Max file size to load into eLibrary is 250 MB!

To Whom

For Authors, Writers, Publishers, Visual tutorial makers, eLearning content makers, Professors, Teachers, Mentors, Educational Organizations and those who want to sell or distribute eLibraries to their students or clients.

With their e-content like eBooks (Study materials /Audio books / Video tutorials), by making e Libraries. eLibrary Publishers can add their own files and also downloaded files, from various public domains into eLibrary.


Authors/writers/publishers - they can create eLibraries with their ebooks/audiobooks to publish single file eLibrary(.ero) to sale or distribute to their clients.

Professors/Teachers/Mentors - they can publish eLibraries with their study materials / video tutorials / flash quizzes / audio books to sale distribute to their students.

Educational Organizations - can publish eLibraries to their students to prepare at offline, educational institutes can create eLibraries with course study materials like, subject notes / video tutorials/ flash quizzes / test papers / sample papers/ audio books.

Music publisher / music organizers - they can publish music eLibraries with their music files or collections to sale or distribute to their clients.

Video publisher / Video Organizers -  they can publish video eLibraries with their video files or collections to sale or distribute to their clients.

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Product details

Category: Authoring Tools

OS: Windows XP (x86/x64), Windows 7 (x86/x64), Windows 8 (x86/x64), Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista (x86/x64)

System Requirements : Software: Internet explorer 8 or above, Flash player 10 or above

System Requirements : Hardware: 512 MB RAM or above, 1 GHz Processor or above, 500 MB or above Hard Disk Space

Product code - SKU: 111

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